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My first introduction to music was Jazz courtesy of my old man. My great grandfather sold piano rolls back in the 1920’s around Bondi, years later he opened up a record store called ‘Wilson’s Capitol Music’ on Pitt St in Sydney, I believe there were only 3 record stores in Sydney at that time.

The retail shop who my great grandfather called ‘bump’ lasted until the mid 70’s which my grand father and father also worked in. My Grandfaher being he saavy business man that he was saw opportunities to open up a musical instrument wholesale company, established in 1960. My father went onto work in that business along with the record shop.

Today we are still running, specialising in brass and woodwind. The old man looks after all the finances, and i take care of all of our creative and marketing work. Music and Jazz runs deep in my family, this mix isn’t a homeage to old standards, but unfortunately these days jazz in australia is appreciated by only a select few, mainly consisting of musicians, and jazz students. Jazz is the foundation to so much of todays music (although your average music fan won’t know this). It brought us to artists influenced by James Brown, who in later years influenced an entire generation of artists through the 70’s and 80’s, including Michael Jackson.

The roots to hip hop, soul, r&b all owe themselves immensely to jazz, for without jazz – none of this music would be possible. From the humble beginnings in New Orleans taking influences from west african slave rhythms, carribbean immigrants, european and dutch concert bands to gospel and blues, jazz was born.

Today we see jazz more accessibly fused with electronic music, house, modern R&B, and hip hop.

Excuse my spiel, but for me – everything stems back to jazz.. name a genre, rock, metal, house, soul, popular commercial music, would not be possible without the imprint jazz created in the USA, Europe and abroad.

4 years old sitting infront of the record player listening to George Benson……that’s my first memory as a child. I was fortunate enough to meet George Benson in LA at a bar at NAMM show this year and told him, my appreciation for music all started being a kid, listening to him scat over his guitar.

I put this mix down a few years ago, listening now I’m picking faults all over the place now, but still enjoyable to listen to – suitable for some nice background music over a winter dinner. No homage to the originators of jazz, but in its new found form. Hope you enjoy.
Selections of downtempo and midtempo nujazz and electrofunk lounge grooves mix.

Features: Club Des Belugas, Up Bustle & Out, The Limp Twinz, Green Tea, DJ Cam, Mr Scruff, Ohmega Watts, Aldo Vanucci, Uptown Funk Empire, KID and more.