GIGS: FRI. 02/10 (PLAY BAR) | SUN. 04/10 (SOUL ON XXII)

It’s Friday and we’re shaping up for a great weekend! Start the October long-weekend with an absolute bang with a little surprise from us.. the Groove Dealer crew… ********* JUZZLIKEDAT MAKOTO CMAN NOODLEZ LOUIE HEADNOD ADVERSE SPOOK CARATGOLD ********* WHEN: FRIDAY 2 OCTOBER 2015 THE GROOVE DEALERS DOORS OPEN AT 4PM & BEATS KICK FROM 6PM HAPPY HOUR 6PM-8PM WHERE: PLAY BAR SYDNEY. BASEMENT 72 CAMPBELL STREET SURRY HILLS FREE ENTRY, FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. THE WORLD IS INVITED. For group bookings, please email Then Sunday, Sisters With Soul return for their Sunday monthly down in Pyrmont with