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OK that’s it Soundcloud and Mixcloud are doing my damn head in right now. I’ll still be uploading stuff there but let’s face it we all live on youtube, so i’ve just uploaded a gang of mixes and edits up. I’ll be adding new stuff each week, so subscribe, share, or drop us a line with a bitta love if you’d like to stay updated. MIXES EDITS/RE-EDITS/REWORKS


An absolute pleasure to be asked back to play at one of the best and longest running school night live jam sessions in town at The Beresford Hotel upstairs from 8pm. Just a reminder to all fans of THE MONDAY JAM that the jam is on TUESDAY NIGHT this week, and not tonight. We’re moving to Tuesday night for ONE WEEK ONLY! And we’re super excited tomorrow night to be presenting singer & songwriter TIMOTHY BOWEN with The New Ojeez! Doors open 8:00pm, so get in early for a good seat as DJ CMAN gets the night in full swing

Art & About Sydney: The Terrace: Emma Pask: : A Latin Fiesta + DJ CMAN

This spring, Sydney’s newest live music venue is The Terrace. For nine nights, the historic Sydney Town Hall Terrace becomes the backdrop for a garden bar with the best live music the city has to offer – and it’s all free! (First in, best dressed!) The Terrace is designed by sustainable-style gurus Amber Road and takes inspiration from the garden rooftop renewals of New York to create a lush green oasis in the heart of the city. The Terrace is open daily from 5pm so you can enjoy a post-work drink and bite to eat to the soundtrack of Sydney’s


FRIDAY NIGHT: MIXED BAG BIZZNESS @ Ching-a-Lings – DJ CMAN & Juzzlikedat from Mama Feel-Good Funk Collective (Syd) droppin all kinds of that tasty good shit – nu bangers , dusty grooves and PHONK laced and electro jazzy excursions til close!!! Ya know! — with Bob Sacamano, Oz Soul’collective, Liam Farlow, Soul-Of Sydney, Samir Samaali, Craig Cman Tarik Wilson, Ross Blyton and Mama Feel-Good Funk Collective (Syd) at Ching-a-Lings.