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RIP – Prince Tribute Mixtape & Re-Edits by DJ CMAN

I was going to post this yesterday but i basically spent there entire day completely numb and in disbelief, that one of my heroes and icons had passed. It was only 2 months ago i saw him live in concert, and had a strange feeling as he left after the 5th encore that it would be the last time i got to see him. Few artists have had the impact he’s had on modern music (see my instagram post at the bottom).

Here’s a all Prince mix i did a few years back, exploring more of his earlier funk catalogue. I woke up at 9am the day after his show i made this mix still on a high from his concert the previous night 3 years ago.

And here’s one for the DJs, this edit i made of “I wanna be your lover” was catching a lot of steam on soundcloud before it got deleted so i’ve re-upped it on heart this. Free download.

PRINCE // i Wanna Be Your Lover (2015 DJ CMAN Party Edit) by DJ CMAN on hearthis.at



ix at the bottom πŸ™‚

I made this vintage soul mix late last year and wasn’t completely happy with a few of the transitions so i did what i normally do and i just scrapped it. I found it again a few days ago and gave it another listen on my way to work and really dugg it. I guess as a DJ you always want to put out your best stuff and make your sound as ‘perfect’ as you can; there’s always that fine line between what you choose is acceptable for public listening and what isn’t. Sometimes i have to remind myself that this is soul music – the music wasn’t created to be perfect, it is what is is flaws and all, and that’s what gives the music it’s character.

o here it is, taken from a forgotten pile -single take, unpolished, and unforgiving.
It features a number of my favourite soul tracks (with a bitta funk for some added flavour) from artists such as Keith Mansfield Orchestra, Marlena Shaw, Dionne Warwick, Temptations, Oddisee, Detriot Emeralds, West Coast Revival, Esther Phillips, Discoettes, LTD, The J.B;s, The Flamingos. Chaka Khan and more. Thanks for listening.

Check out more mixes over on my soundcloud pageΒ