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OK that’s it Soundcloud and Mixcloud are doing my damn head in right now. I’ll still be uploading stuff there but let’s face it we all live on youtube, so i’ve just uploaded a gang of mixes and edits up. I’ll be adding new stuff each week, so subscribe, share, or drop us a line with a bitta love if you’d like to stay updated. MIXES EDITS/RE-EDITS/REWORKS

RIP – Prince Tribute Mixtape & Re-Edits by DJ CMAN

I was going to post this yesterday but i basically spent there entire day completely numb and in disbelief, that one of my heroes and icons had passed. It was only 2 months ago i saw him live in concert, and had a strange feeling as he left after the 5th encore that it would be the last time i got to see him. Few artists have had the impact he’s had on modern music (see my instagram post at the bottom). Here’s a all Prince mix i did a few years back, exploring more of his earlier funk catalogue.


Prince is back on Aussie turf, and hopefully I’ll get a chance to see him Sunday night in Sydney if i can get my hands on some tickets. Here’s an all PRINCE mix i made the morning after i caught his show a couple of years back! Enjoy! Or listen to it directly here: https://www.mixcloud.com/LazyLeft/prince-favourites-lets-work-mixtape-cman/ TRACKLIST: Clockin the Jizz instrumental (Get off) Get Off (LP Version) Seven Sexy MF (12” Remix) Sexy MF Black MF in the house Billy Jack Bitch DMSR Push Feel u up Kiss Housequake Cream I wanna be your lover Partyman Release it – (The Time)