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DJ CMAN in Seoul (Beton Brut, Itaewon, Seoul, Korea) SAT: 22nd October


This Saturday in Itaewon – Seoul, Korea! My first time in Korea and I’m VERY excited to meet & throw down with this kool crew! Djs #yoberr #baxa #cherry #emu #usco
호주의 다재다능한 DJ이자 프로듀서인 DJ C’MAN이 드디어 서울에 상륙합니다!
이번주 토요일 @ Itaewon Beton Brut Seoul _ Maison Noire Stage

2016.10.22.토요일(Sat.) DJ Cman @ Beton Brut Seoul
DJ Cman은 현재 시드니에서 가장 다양한 장르를 소화해 내고 있는 다재다능한 디제이 입니다. 어린 시절 George Benson, A Tribe Called Quest, James Brown, De La Soul, Lou Rawls 그리고 Ray Barretto 같은 다양한 장르의 아티스트들에게 영향을 받아 훵크에서 힙합, 레게에서 재즈, 디스코에서 부갈로스타일까지 넓은 스펙트럼을 중심으로 펑키한 그루브를 만들어 냅니다. 호주에서 열린 Soulfest에서 D’angelo, Maxwell, Common 같은 아티스트들과 함께 공연에 섰으며 아시아에서 유럽까지 다양한 베뉴들을 누비는 중입니다. soundcloud를 통해 그가 작업한 다양한 곡들을 감상하고 오는 22일 밤에 이태원 Benton Brut Seoul에서 만나요!

One of Sydney’s most versatile, multi-genre groove selectors. Expect to be taken on a soulful journey from Funk to Hip Hop, Reggae to Jazz, Disco to Boogaloo (and all things in between); all cleverly intertwined into a trademark ‘funky feel-good’ set. He has supported artists such as D’Angelo, Maxwell, Common, Mos Def, Roy Ayers, De La Soul, and DJ’d throughout Asia, and Europe. His ‘CMAN Edit’ production work has a substantial world-wide following with numerous label releases and re-edits featured on the Beatjunkies record pool.

Soundcloud -> https://soundcloud.com/djcmanmusic
FB Page -> https://www.facebook.com/djcmanmusic/
Instagram -> https://www.instagram.com/djcmanmusic/

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OK that’s it Soundcloud and Mixcloud are doing my damn head in right now. I’ll still be uploading stuff there but let’s face it we all live on youtube, so i’ve just uploaded a gang of mixes and edits up. I’ll be adding new stuff each week, so subscribe, share, or drop us a line with a bitta love if you’d like to stay updated.