NEW MIX: Soul Of Sydney DJ’s (Phil Toke & CMAN) live B2B set @ Sounds Of Afrobeat Festival

DJ’s Phil Toke & Cman back 2 back live in the mix at Sounds Of Afrobeat Festival. Taking the crowd on a journey through Afro and Latin vibes! some gems were thrown down in this set. enjoy free download.


Can’t wait for this one, Louie and I have been trying to line up a session together for ages some now… No musical boundaries this saturday…. reggae, disco, hip hop, jazz, classic (all the good shit!)….expect the whole kit n kaboodle with some back-2-back fun. This Saturday! DJs Cman & Headnod throw down a funk disco hip hop oldskool RnB jam from 8pm. Get in early for your fix of Pizzas, Burgers & our new Southern Chicken Baskets of goodness! Doors open 4pm with Happy Hours 5-7pm #CafeLounge #SurryHills Check out my man Louie Headnod on mixcloud, he’s got some