★ Carole Sylvan [Lyn Collins] – “Think” (Synth Boogie CMAN Edit)

Lyn Collins “Think” cover. Superfunky post disco 80’s boogie heat! Probably one of my favourite edits I’ve made to date. Strictly for the dancefloor with Dj friendly intros/outro etc etc. Thanks for dropping by. Heads Up: I’ve had to take down all my mixes from Soundcloud, but you can find and download them all from https://hearthis.at/djcman/, or https://www.mixcloud.com/LazyLeft/


Can’t wait for this one, Louie and I have been trying to line up a session together for ages some now… No musical boundaries this saturday…. reggae, disco, hip hop, jazz, classic (all the good shit!)….expect the whole kit n kaboodle with some back-2-back fun. This Saturday! DJs Cman & Headnod throw down a funk disco hip hop oldskool RnB jam from 8pm. Get in early for your fix of Pizzas, Burgers & our new Southern Chicken Baskets of goodness! Doors open 4pm with Happy Hours 5-7pm #CafeLounge #SurryHills Check out my man Louie Headnod on mixcloud, he’s got some

Movin’, Movin’, Movin’ ….


I’m on the move, baby! I’m moving  my website to a new host;  and movin’  all my DJ MIXES from my Soundcloud to my Hearthis..

For now, I’ll still have all my EDITS on Soundcloud, and ofcourse they’re all free to download!

Bare with me while I pack up all my junk and get this all happening, amigos!