Official Juno Release: Fused Funk Vol 11 (Funk Fusion)

Super excited about this news! Just released today, another wicked compilation from Funk Fusion label featuring three of my edits. Packed to the brim with lots of phat mashups, breaks and funky re-touched flavas great for music heads or DJs looking to track down some alternate versions of dope songs.

Check it out, there’s definitely some goodies on this one!
Available on Juno Download:


Another awesome site for DJs to grab new/old/classic music across most genres is the BEATJUNKIES Record Pool. You pay a monthly subscription for the service and download as many songs as you like. There’s litereally thousands of crazy re-edits and new music coming up every day, so it’s an excellent source for DJs to get original and reworked tracks in one place.

Here’s a few of my edits up on the BeatJunkies Record Pool.