Hot Damn – First Listen: Ghanaian funkster RIM KWAKU OBENG on ‘Jumping The Gap’ on upcoming BBE reissue.

Whaaow Straight Fire! Just caught a listen to this upcoming release next month on BBE on Paris Groovescooter‘s Jumping the Gap Radio Show. Def keep your eyes out for this one! Sizzlin’ afro funk caribbean flavours from RIM KWAKU OBENG.
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Rare as lips on a chicken, the private-press LPs of Ghanaian funkster RIM KWAKU OBENG are previewed today on JTG in anticipation of their re-issues next month on the mighty BBE Music label. From Afro-funk to Caribbean influences we’ll mix up selections from all 3 albums for the first hour. After that we could go anywhere and probably will, but I do have a new Craig Cman Oopsup-Sideyahead /JR.Dynamite Edits packed, as well as fresh Ron Basejam /Andy YamWho, Ashley Beedle & Luther V, + Donna Washington reckons “you can’t hide from the boogie”. Too true. After the midday news + funking till 2pm on 2ser FM – Real Radio.