★ Carole Sylvan [Lyn Collins] – “Think” (Synth Boogie CMAN Edit)

Lyn Collins “Think” cover. Superfunky post disco 80’s boogie heat! Probably one of my favourite edits I’ve made to date. Strictly for the dancefloor with Dj friendly intros/outro etc etc. Thanks for dropping by. Heads Up: I’ve had to take down all my mixes from Soundcloud, but you can find and download them all from https://hearthis.at/djcman/, or https://www.mixcloud.com/LazyLeft/


Can’t wait for this one, Louie and I have been trying to line up a session together for ages some now… No musical boundaries this saturday…. reggae, disco, hip hop, jazz, classic (all the good shit!)….expect the whole kit n kaboodle with some back-2-back fun. This Saturday! DJs Cman & Headnod throw down a funk disco hip hop oldskool RnB jam from 8pm. Get in early for your fix of Pizzas, Burgers & our new Southern Chicken Baskets of goodness! Doors open 4pm with Happy Hours 5-7pm #CafeLounge #SurryHills Check out my man Louie Headnod on mixcloud, he’s got some

Movin’, Movin’, Movin’ ….


I’m on the move, baby! I’m moving  my website to a new host;  and movin’  all my DJ MIXES from my Soundcloud to my Hearthis..

For now, I’ll still have all my EDITS on Soundcloud, and ofcourse they’re all free to download!

Bare with me while I pack up all my junk and get this all happening, amigos!

Hot Damn – First Listen: Ghanaian funkster RIM KWAKU OBENG on ‘Jumping The Gap’ on upcoming BBE reissue.

Whaaow Straight Fire! Just caught a listen to this upcoming release next month on BBE on Paris Groovescooter‘s Jumping the Gap Radio Show. Def keep your eyes out for this one! Sizzlin’ afro funk caribbean flavours from RIM KWAKU OBENG. Catch Paris’ radio show each Wednesday from 12pm to 2pm on 2ser FM – Real Radio. Rare as lips on a chicken, the private-press LPs of Ghanaian funkster RIM KWAKU OBENG are previewed today on JTG in anticipation of their re-issues next month on the mighty BBE Music label. From Afro-funk to Caribbean influences we’ll mix up selections from all 3 albums for

Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions – We’re A Winner, Movin’ On Up! (CMAN Edit)

Without a doubt one of my favourite Curtis songs, not just cause it’s such a brilliant, uplifting track but also because of it’s importance in history. This track was one was of many inspiring soundtracks in the 60’s leading and empowering black people on social/political consciousness and equality through the civil rights movement era. During this time, artists had to tread carefully by being more creative in their lyrics rather than directly straight shoot the social inequalities at the time (or it simply wouldn’t be played by radio stations). Artists such as Marvin Gaye, Curtis, James Brown and many others took a positive approach

[SAT.22.AUG] SKRATCH SAT-DEE!!! pres. Caratgold, CMan & Juzzlikedat @ PLAY BAR

BOOM!!! Got your Saturday sorted with a few of Sydney’s favourite Groove Dealers 🙂 Always a good night down at the PLAY BAR Bunker, come hang, sip on a drink, shake ya derriere with all the soul, funk, hip hop, afrobeats and jazzy-fusion gems going down all night long. From 6pm -12:00am

Friday 15th August DJ CMAN @ Chelsea Hotel 5:30pm til 1:00am

Tonight I’ll be spinning all things soul, funk, hip hop and disco from 5:30pm at Chelsea Hotel. Of course, I’ll be making my way through all the gems on the That’s Not An Edit Vol.3 released 3 days ago! Come catch a bite or bev and listen to some good choonz! JR.DYNAMITE & DJ CMAN – TRAVELLIN’ (Pack Your Bags Edit)

Juno Release: DJ CMAN – Red Hot (Gimme Some Bucks) Edit on “FUNK FUSION – FUSED FUNK VOL.10”

Ohwee it’s been a good week here …. Really excited for this news: FUNK FUSION – Fused Funk Vol. 10 has just been released today on Juno, featuring my DJ CMAN – Red Hot (Gimme Some Bucks) Edit. I’ve purchased a number of the London based Funk Fusion albums and compilations in the past. Definitely some awesome funk and mash-up based dancefloor heat in their catalogue, comprising of various DJ/Producers around the globe. Well worth a listen or purchase! Peep it!